Having trouble with AzuraCast? This page has several resources that can help you solve your problem and be back up and running.

Our core maintainers, along with our vast community of station operators, can answer many questions you may have about our software. We also have knowledge base articles set up for common issues encountered by our users.

I have a problem!

Try checking the logs

Are you running into an error or possible bug with AzuraCast? If your installation is already up and running, the first place you should look is the application's built-in log viewer. The logs can often tell you what's causing the problem, or give you an error message that you can then relay to our team for further support.

System administrators can access logs for the entire system from the Administration panel, and station owners can access their station's logs from the "Utilities" menu on the station sidebar. If you need to pull more detailed logs, or logs that aren't available via our web viewer, you can follow these instructions.

Check common support solutions and known issues

We encounter some problems or errors frequently, so we created a set of documents listing these issues and their solutions. Check these first to see if they have a solution to your problem:

Create a GitHub issue

If your issue isn't in our known issues or common solutions, check out our GitHub Issues board. We use GitHub to track the status of errors, bug reports and general questions.

If there's already an open GitHub issue for the specific issue you're having, you can follow that issue for updates. If not, you can create a new issue from the same page.

When creating a new issue, you'll be presented with a template of questions to answer to help our team provide quick and accurate support. Please make sure to answer these questions!

I have an idea for a new feature.

Our community votes on what features we should prioritize via a special web site called FeatureUpvote. Visit the AzuraCast FeatureUpvote Site to submit new feature ideas or vote on existing ones.

I want to contact the developers.

If you want to chat with other station operators, ask more detailed questions or directly contact the developer team, join us via our Slack channel or our Discord server. This is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.

As a courtesy to our developers, we ask that you please don't e-mail or call their cell phones directly with any questions. Many questions can be answered by the community or by other developers, so by posting them to GitHub or on Slack, everyone can respond and your issue will likely be resolved faster.

Follow us on social media!

We frequently post to social media any time there are significant updates to our software, security issues that users should be aware of, or upcoming changes to third-party software. You can get these updates in a more timely fashion by following our accounts: