Step 1: Check the Logs!

AzuraCast has a built-in log viewer to help you examine any potential problems with the application. System administrators can access logs for the entire system from the Administration panel, and station owners can access their station's logs from the "Utilities" menu on the station sidebar.

If you need to pull more detailed logs, or logs that aren't available via our web viewer, you can follow these instructions.

If you do need our help via GitHub, supplying these logs is absolutely essential in helping us diagnose and resolve your issue.

Common Support Solutions and Known Issues

If you need help with AzuraCast, first check to see if your question is listed in our common support issues pages.

The pages below contain information that can answer many questions you might have:

GitHub Issues

We rely exclusively on our GitHub Issues board to track the status of errors, bug reports, questions and enhancement requests for new features.

First, check to make sure the issue you're experiencing isn't already reported on GitHub. If it is, you can subscribe to the existing ticket for updates on the issue's progress.

If your issue or request isn't already reported, click the "New Issue" button to create it. Make sure to follow the template provided, as it asks important details that are very important to our team.

Please keep in mind that AzuraCast is a free software project built and maintained by volunteers, so there may be some delays in getting back to you. We will make the absolute best effort possible to resolve your issues and answer your questions.

Follow Us on Social Media

We frequently post to social media any time there are significant updates to our software, security issues that users should be aware of, or upcoming changes to third-party software. You can get these updates in a more timely fashion by following our accounts:

We also have a Mattermost team server for developers, translators and radio station operators to help us collaborate in real time. You are welcome to join us and chat with us directly there.

Note that our social media channels aren't the best way to report issues to us; instead, you should use the GitHub issues instructions above, as this allows our whole team to help resolve and track the progress of the issue in one location.