# Troubleshooting

Having trouble with AzuraCast? This page has several resources that can help you solve your problem and be back up and running.

Our core maintainers, along with our vast community of station operators, can answer many questions you may have about our software. We also have knowledge base articles set up for common issues encountered by our users.

# First Steps

Your first steps should be to check this guide for any tips or pointers. Many common issues can be solved by following the instructions in our guide pages.

If you aren't sure of what is causing your issue, checking the logs can help. Not only do the system logs often explain your error in more detail, but they're essential for our developers to be able to easily diagnose and resolve your issue.

# Submitting an Issue


You must follow troubleshooting steps prior to filing an issue on GitHub. In our issue template, we ask for logs and other details that are part of the troubleshooting steps, and supplying these greatly helps us resolve issues.

If your issue isn't in our known issues or common solutions, check out our GitHub Issues board. We use GitHub to track the status of errors, bug reports and general questions.

If there's already an open GitHub issue for the specific issue you're having, you can follow that issue for updates. If not, you can create a new issue from the same page.

When creating a new issue, you'll be presented with a template of questions to answer to help our team provide quick and accurate support. Please make sure to answer these questions!

Please include the following: