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Streamers & DJs

If your station has “Enable Streamers” turned on, you can create multiple DJ accounts that can connect and broadcast live audio to your listeners.

In order to allow a seamless transition between live DJs and the AutoDJ, each streamer connects directly to the AutoDJ software (Liquidsoap). Liquidsoap accepts connections from broadcast software that are compatible with either Icecast or SHOUTcast servers.

AzuraCast will keep track of the broadcast history for each DJ that broadcasts live on your station.

We have guides for how to configure many kinds of popular streaming software. See the Streaming Software page for more information.

Recording Broadcasts

You can opt to record live broadcasts by editing the station’s profile. Broadcasts will automatically be recorded in the format and bitrate that you specify, and can be downloaded from the “Broadcasts” popup menu next to each streamer.