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AzuraCast is a fully free and open-source project built as a labor of love over the course of many years. AzuraCast has always been, and will remain, both “free as in freedom” (libre) and “free as in beer” (gratis) for the thousands of stations that depend on it for their day-to-day operations.

Although the AzuraCast community has contributed in many ways to the project, much of the day-to-day work of maintaining the application, updating its dependencies and fixing bugs falls upon its lead developer, Buster Neece. The AzuraCast project is akin to a full-time job for him, and your support goes to directly helping him pay for essentials like rent and groceries.

Not only are donations to AzuraCast going to good use, but they help us devote the time we need to keep the application new and updated. Almost every day for years now, we’ve updated the application to fix a bug, add a new feature or improve the user experience. We never stop working to serve our audience, and your donations help make that possible.

Ways to Donate

GitHub Sponsors

If you’re a GitHub user, supporting through GitHub Sponsors is one of the best ways to show your support for AzuraCast’s development. You can manage your pledge at any time through the Sponsors dashboard.

If you donate through GitHub Sponsors, you will be listed as a sponsor on your GitHub profile and with any issues or discussions you create.


Supporting our patreon is another great way to provide ongoing support for the project over a long term. Patreon takes slightly higher fees than GitHub Sponsors, but if you’re already a Patreon user it’s a convenient way to support this project along with other creative professionals and projects.


AzuraCast has an OpenCollective account that is fiscally hosted by the Open Source Collective. Contributions made to, and expenses withdrawn from, this account are fully open and transparent.