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SFTP Server

All AzuraCast Docker installations come with a built-in SFTP server that allows you to easily connect to your media directory, upload and move files using software of your choice.

Creating SFTP Users

Under the Media sidebar menu for a given station, you will see an entry labeled SFTP Users. Click this to view existing users and the connection details for connecting to your server via an SFTP client of your choice.

Default Port

By default, the SFTP service listens externally on port 2022. If there is something else using this port or you want to change it for any other reason, you can edit the .env file on your host machine and add or modify this line:


Connecting to SFTP

SFTP clients

Here’s a small list of FTP clients you can use that are known to work with AzuraCast’s SFTP system.

A more exhaustive list can be found here.

Mounting as a Directory on Your Computer

There are also numerous tools that let you create a virtual filesystem based on an SFTP connection, which then lets you drag and drop files to and from the filesystem using your OS’s standard file explorer:

For more information on configuring SSHFS, see this thread.