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Advanced Features

Enabling Advanced Features

In new installations of AzuraCast, we turn off some of the more “dangerous” features which can have unintended consequences if misused by users who are unfamiliar with them.

Advanced features hidden by default include:

  • Station custom port assignments (which are not cleared through the firewall by default in new Docker installations),
  • Providing a custom media base directory (because only certain paths are mounted into the Docker filesystem),
  • Customizing Icecast or Liquidsoap configuration (as errors caused by custom configuration are not caused by AzuraCast itself), and
  • Advanced playlist settings (because they bypass AzuraCast’s AutoDJ).

These features can be re-enabled via the Administration -> System Settings page in the Settings tab.

By checking the Enable Advanced Features checkbox and saving your settings you can enable the advanced features of AzuraCast.


Custom Configuration

A common use case of the station-wide Icecast config is to publish your station’s mount points to YellowPage directories.

Additionally, you can overwrite some values such as <location> and the <admin> email address.