AzuraCast is a fully free and open-source project built as a labor of love by a single developer over the course of many years. The project is continually improving and offering a better experience for radio station managers and listeners alike.

A message from the project's lead developer, Buster "Silver Eagle" Neece:

Thank you for using AzuraCast, and thank you for visiting our donation page. I sincerely hope that you find AzuraCast to be a useful piece of software, whether you're running a small station or many large ones, or you're a fan of an AzuraCast-powered station. My goal when building AzuraCast was to provide a fresh new alternative to the world of web broadcasting that made the process easy and accessible to stations of any size.

As some of you know, I am a disabled developer struggling to make ends meet. Beyond suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, I also live with a significant circadian rhythm sleep disorder that prevents me from maintaining more traditional working schedules. Some of the only work I can do that offers full schedule flexibility is on my own projects, which is how AzuraCast has come to be so heavily developed.

Being free software, however, AzuraCast does not pay me a living wage. I have struggled financially in recent years as a result of my declining health, to the point that lately, even essential living expenses have been difficult to cover. Nevertheless, I continue to strongly believe in the principles of free and open-source software and in serving the public good with my work, and I am committed to keeping AzuraCast free and open for everyone.

Donation is not required for any station of any size to use AzuraCast, but if you find the software useful and want to encourage its continued development, your support would make an immense difference in my daily life, and would be appreciated more than you know. Thank you again for visiting and for reading.

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