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Install AzuraCast

AzuraCast is server-based software that is installed on a VPS, dedicated server or other computer and serves both your station broadcasts and its own web interface through the server’s network connection.

You can also install AzuraCast yourself on most server hardware and many computers running Linux.

One-Click Installers

The easiest way to get started with AzuraCast is to create a new VPS with one of our supported partners via the options below.

Deploy a new Linode instance with the AzuraCast one-click installer in the Linode Marketplace.

Self-Hosted Installation

Docker installation now supports ARM64 devices as well (i.e. newer Raspbery Pi devices, and ARM64-based cloud hosts), so you can follow these same installation steps.

For a majority of users, our Docker installation method is the preferred way of installing and using AzuraCast. Click the link below for Docker installation instructions.

Docker App Installers

AzuraCast is also available via Docker-based app installer tools. These tools let you install AzuraCast alongside other Docker images in a simple visual manner.

Windows 10/11 (WSL2)

If you’re looking to install AzuraCast on your Windows installation, this is now possible thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). Follow our Windows-specific guide for tips on how to get AzuraCast up and running easily on a Windows computer.

Synology NAS

Installing AzuraCast on a Synology NAS involves specific steps, so we’ve created a unique guide for installation on this platform.

Note: This guide is intended for X86/AMD64-based Synology NAS devices only. Devices running ARM processors are not officially supported.