# Install AzuraCast

AzuraCast is server-based software that is installed on a VPS, dedicated server or other computer and serves both your station broadcasts and its own web interface through the server's network connection.

# One-Click Installers

The easiest way to get started with AzuraCast is to create a new VPS with one of our supported partners via the options below.

# Self-Installation

You can also install AzuraCast yourself on most server hardware and many computers running Linux.

Installing AzuraCast yourself requires a basic understanding of the Linux shell/terminal environment, as well as root (or "sudo") access to the computer you're installing AzuraCast on.

For a majority of users, our Docker installation method is the preferred way of installing and using AzuraCast:

# Other Installation Methods

Most servers and hosting providers support Docker without any issues. If your provider does not, or if you are using unique hardware, see the other guides below: