# Contributing to AzuraCast

# Submitting Code

AzuraCast is open-source software, and as part of this dedication to openness and transparency, we fully support contributions from members of the community who are skilled in the languages that we use to build our applications.

A majority of our repositories come with an .editorconfig file in the root, which will set many standards for indentation, punctuation and other style items for you automatically. You may need to enable EditorConfig support in your IDE of choice.

If your IDE does not support EditorConfig, the most important standard to remember that we follow is the PHP Framework Interoperability Group's PSR-12 Extended Coding Style standard.

Accessibility, security, and modern best practices are very important in AzuraCast's development. Any newly contributed code can, and should, take advantage of the full suite of new features made available in PHP 7.4 and newer.

Instructions for developing with AzuraCast locally are available here. If you have questions about the guidelines above or about how to contribute to AzuraCast, please create a Github issue or join our communities listed below and we will be happy to assist you.

# Translating AzuraCast

Do you speak both English and another language? You can help us in a big way by helping translate AzuraCast!

AzuraCast is used around the world, and we want our web application to be accessible to users who aren't familiar with English, our primary language.

Thanks to the help of our friends at CrowdIn, translating the strings used in our application is easy! Just visit our translation page and create an account, and you can start submitting translations. CrowdIn also provides suggested translations in case you are unsure of certain words or phrases.

We do our best to incorporate translation changes as frequently as possible, but sometimes new updates are delayed. If you have completed a significant translation project, please feel free to give us a gentle reminder by creating a Github issue. Once the translations have been updated, we will close the issue to let you know.

# New Feature Suggestions

Our community votes on what features we should prioritize via a special web site called FeatureUpvote. Visit the AzuraCast FeatureUpvote Site to submit new feature ideas or vote on existing ones.

# Join AzuraCast on Discord

If you want to chat with other station operators, ask more detailed questions or chat with the developer team, join our Discord community from the link below:

This is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.

As a courtesy to our developers, we ask that you please don't e-mail them directly with any questions. Many questions can be answered by the community or by other developers, so by posting them to GitHub or on Discord, everyone can respond and your issue will likely be resolved faster.

# Follow us on social media!

We frequently post to social media any time there are significant updates to our software, security issues that users should be aware of, or upcoming changes to third-party software. You can get these updates in a more timely fashion by following our accounts: