For Resellers

Are you looking to provide AzuraCast as a hosted commercial service for your clients or to general customers on the web? This page will provide some important guidelines and recommendations for resellers.

License Permissions

AzuraCast is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. This is a fairly permissive open-source license that allows commercial use and redistribution of the software, but has some important caveats.

With AzuraCast, you can:

  • Provide the AzuraCast software to your clients or customers with no restrictions.
  • Modify the AzuraCast software as needed for your business without the modifications needing to carry the same Apache 2.0 license (although we prefer and appreciate open-source contributions).
  • Use the AzuraCast branding that's present inside the AzuraCast application itself or when referring to the software to your customers.
  • Inform customers that your service is "Powered by AzuraCast" or similar text.

You cannot:

  • Remove the Apache 2.0 license from unmodified portions of the AzuraCast application.
  • Distribute a modified version of AzuraCast that still uses the AzuraCast name and brand*.

* To clarify, this means you cannot redistribute a modified version of the AzuraCast software and still claim that the software is AzuraCast itself. You can still modify an AzuraCast instance and host it on the web; for the purposes of this license, "redistribution" does not include serving the application on a web server.


If you are hosting AzuraCast commercially or reselling it to customers, support is not provided for free by the AzuraCast team. AzuraCast is created and maintained by a very dedicated team of volunteers, and while we do not discourage you from using AzuraCast commercially, making a profit from our hard work while asking us to support your organization for free is not acceptable.

Any issues that are reported through our GitHub that appear to be related to reseller concerns, commercialization or otherwise "white-labeling" the AzuraCast instance will be flagged as such. See the section below for more details on our Reseller Partner program.

Become a Reseller Partner

If you are using AzuraCast commercially or reselling it to customers on the web, becoming a Reseller Partner is an excellent way to enjoy priority support from the AzuraCast developer team, as well as increased promotion of your service.

To qualify for priority support and to qualify for the Promoted Reseller Program (see below), you should first donate to the Reseller/Commercial Support tier on the AzuraCast Patreon account.

Once your donation is confirmed, you can send us a message through Patreon indicating the e-mail addresses and/or GitHub username(s) associated with your organization, and we will note your new support level immediately.

We also offer the ability for some resellers to be listed directly on the AzuraCast web site itself, alongside our standard installation instructions. This can help drive a significant amount of traffic to your service from users looking for a local provider to supply an out-of-the-box hosted instance of AzuraCast for their needs.

In order to qualify as a Promoted Reseller Partner, your organization must:

  • Maintain an active donation at the "Reseller/Commercial Support" tier (see above),
  • Keep customer's data backed up via at least a nightly differential backup and a weekly full backup, with the ability to restore lost data if needed,
  • Either automatically update, or offer customers the ability to manually update, to new "point" releases (i.e. from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3) within two weeks of their release, and
  • Provide direct support to your customers for questions and error/bug reports, rather than directing customers directly to AzuraCast's support channels (your team can contact us as needed).

If your organization meets the requirements above and would like to join the Promoted Reseller Partner program, please send us an e-mail with the following:

  • The public display name for your organization under on our public pages,
  • A one-or-two-sentence description of the service your organization provides (and, if applicable, which language or region of the world you serve),
  • Your Patreon username or account name (to confirm active donation), and
  • The GitHub usernames and/or e-mail addresses of any representatives of your team who should receive priority support.